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Step Syntax

Cycle Steps are predefined, and specific wording/grammar needs to be used for a Step to be executable by Cycle. The specific wording/grammar of a Step is referred to as Step syntax. Correct Step syntax is necessary because, behind the scenes, Cycle uses the Step text in the Editor to match to a set of actions. Thus, if incorrect Step syntax is used, Cycle cannot match to a set of actions, and therefore cannot execute the Step.

Step syntax includes the text describing the Cycle activity the Step performs, as well as the parameters (i.e., arguments) required to run the Step. Step syntax is generally not case-sensitive; however, some parameter values may be case-sensitive.

The Cycle Feature File Editor provides syntax highlighting and Auto Complete to help users follow the correct Step syntax.

Syntax error

The Inspector also provides information about a given Step in the Editor.

Finally, users can also access a searchable version of the Step Guide by clicking Help > Step Guide in the Cycle application.