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Activity Steps

When using Cycle to document processes that you will then test against, it is often important to include physical or non-software activities. Cycle includes Activity Steps that can be included in Features to represent these physical process activities:

Given I "<ACTIVITY>"

Given I "<ACTIVITY>" which can take between <NUMBER> seconds and <NUMBER> seconds

These Steps can be used to describe any activity, and upon execution, they will print to the Output Pane. The second Step above will also impose a random wait time that falls within the specified time bounds.

Examples of typical uses for these Steps include:

Given I "walk to the clerk to obtain the receipt" which can take between 30 seconds and 100 seconds

Then I "check to see that shipments arrived the previous night"

It is worth noting that these Steps do not do anything upon execution except print to the Output Pane and impose a random wait time. They are more informational for BPV or training purposes than automation-based.