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Cycle 2.18.0 User Manual

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Cycle is an easy-to-use testing tool designed to facilitate reliable automated testing at any phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). By emulating normal user interactions such as keyboard or mouse input, Cycle can be used to create and execute reliable and repeatable automated software tests.

Cycle tests (called Feature Files) are written in business readable language, which can be easily understood and written by non-technical personnel. Cycle is intended for Business Process Validation, Regression Testing, Implementation Testing, and Unit Testing. However, Cycle can be used for so much more. Cycle Feature Files can also be used for training users, documenting Standard Operating Procedures or Detailed Work Instructions, and creating e-learning to prepare for certifications such as SOX, JCC, or FDA.

  • Expand test coverage and scenario reporting without increasing labor cost
  • Execute tests faster and more effectively
  • Support strategic industry templates
  • Find defects earlier in the SDLC process
  • Ease the workload demands of regulatory testing
  • Apply test scripts seamlessly across systems and applications
  • Mitigate implementation risk and upgrade risk
  • Enable non-technical personnel to create test scripts
  • Reduce system risk, problems, and downtime
  • Create better, more consistent training with repeatable scripts
  • Increase operational quality