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Web Testing


Often it is necessary to test or automate processes that involve one or more web applications. Cycle includes more than 100 web Steps for Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, which enable users to:

  • Open a Chrome or Internet Explorer browser

  • Navigate to a web page

  • Validate that a web element, text string, or image is on a web page

  • Verify that a web element is in a certain location on a web page

  • Interact with elements on a web page, such as clicking a link or typing into a form field

  • Copy data from elements, including tables, to variables

These web Steps can be included in a Feature File along with desktop, terminal, and activity Steps, enabling end-to-end testing of business processes.

Supported browsers

Cycle currently works the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

As of version 2.11, Cycle supports a fourth browser option called Edge IE Mode. This option allows legacy websites that require IE Compatibility Mode to be run inside of Microsoft Edge.