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Application Preferences

Application Preferences Application Preferences


Displays the current Cycle profile being used and gives the option to switch users:

  1. Email - The email address of the current user profile. This is associated with the saved settings file that Cycle will use.
  2. Logout - Allows users to switch between profiles.


  1. Line wrapping - Turns on or off line wrapping in the for lines longer than the width of the Editor pane.
  2. Font size - Sets the font size used in Cycle's editor.
  3. Default Feature header text - Sets the default text when creating a new Feature file.
  4. Terminal font size (pixels) - Sets the font size used in Cycle's terminals.
  5. Color Mode - Choose between light and dark modes for your Cycle UI.


Cycle has the ability to use proxy settings when a standard connection path is not possible. If you need to use a proxy connection, please contact your Cycle administrator for the necessary settings.


  1. Verbose log files - Turns on or off Cycle's more detailed event logging to aid in troubleshooting an issue. This log file can be found at: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Cycle\logs\cycle.log
  2. Server Tuning - Allows for the input of additional JVM parameters to tune how Cycle runs.